Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Laid Back Happy Valley

I live in Amherst, MA in the Pioneer Valley, or what we locals call The Happy Valley. It is a bit of a slow, laid back bubble where the outside world is somewhat kept at bay. It is also called The Slippery Valley as some folks feel that once you live here, you can't leave.

There is a diner in a neighboring town with this sign posted on the door. It is Not tongue-in-cheek.
I have never successfully been there at the same time as when they are open LOL. I couldnt get a better picture because the screen door was locked!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blueberry Pie Addendum

Check out these pics. Some blueberry pie recipes call for 4 cups of fruit, some 5 and some 6. I like to use a deep pie plate and use 8 cups of fruit. I received some inquiries about the seemingly large amount, but look! This is how 8 cups will gently mound...I like my fruit pies to be Full of fruit:)

Come to The Dutchess County Fair

If you live within driving distance of Rhinebeck, NY, take some time out of the end of your summer and come to the Fair. You will find all the typical country fair trappings: farm animals, arts and crafts, turn-of-the-century displays of farm equipment, vendors, musical performances, all kinds of food - including my favorite kettle corn - and much more. I have appeared at the fair for 3 years in a row with various food demos. This year come by The Harvest Kitchen on Tuesday August 25th at 11am and 4pm for a guided chocolate tasting and demo. I will have books to sell and sign and believe me, you will get your fill of some truly delectable chocolate. If you do come and you read about it here, introduce yourself and let me know!

Dutchess Fair Dates

Friday, August 7, 2009

No Food of Life Today

Taking a break with the story postings...other stories in the pipeline coming up though, so come back.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


melons: Cantaloupes, close-up stock photosmelons: Slices of honeydew melon, close-up stock photos

Thanks to ALL of you who tried to watch my Bon Appetit Melon segment yesterday on the CBS Early Show. (It is based on the At The Market article in the current issue). We got about 60 seconds in and were pre-empted by President Clinton's plane landing with the released hostages. A worthy thing to cut to for sure! We did go live for the midwest and the west coast got to see the segment too. My producer said the video would be posted. Can't find it so far, but I'm still looking. For now, HERE is the article and some recipes. And HERE is a great link for some tips on buying the best honeydew. Enjoy!