Friday, July 29, 2011

Bon Appetit and HSN a Perfect Pair

Photo by Jack DeSart

Our summer HSN Cooks Event brought to you by Bon Appetit is going gangbusters. Tune in for Todd English, Ken Hom, Michelle Bernstein and more. Don't miss out on our Bon Appetit subscription deal - its $12 for 12 issues and a full 80% off of the newsstand price. Tune in for my last appearance during the 6AM hour EST Saturday July 30th. Call in and say hi! PS: the hosts have been going crazy over the Salmorejo soup seen above. Check it out in our August issue or at

Tune into Our Bon Appetit Summer HSN Cooks Event

Photo by Christopher Testani
Hey folks, Im down in here is sunny Florida (which by the way is cooler than it was in the northeast last week) to present another Bon Appetit Cooks Event at HSN. Im in the greenroom right now watching Todd English work his magic - great deal they have going with his GreenPans, which are the Today's Special.

Tune in during the Friday 1AM EST hour to see me make the Roasted Corn with Manchego and Lime shown above. Perfect hot, warm or room temp for easy summer meals.

We have a great deal - 12 issues for 12 bucks - so check out the HSN link and order now. Great for yourself, a friend or family member, or I think it makes a great gift for a co-worker too...That way they can make great lunches and bring the food in to feed You!

Check out our August cover. Im in LOVE with the colors, the food, the photography, the stories, the food, the recipes, THE FOOD! LOL yes Im excited

I will be making the cover girl - the Lime and Blackberry Italian Meringue Pie - on the air so tune in to see Bon Appetit come alive on screen:

Photo by John Kernick

All EST (all at some point during the hour listed)
Friday July 29th 1am
Friday July 29th Noon
Friday July 29th 2pm
Friday July 29th 6pm
Saturday July 30th 6am

I will be making pies, tarts, a one-pot clambake (YES you have to get the August issue just for this) and a new cold soup you might not have heard of - Salmorejo - great for a hot summer night and much, much more.