Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Birthday To All of You!

The Birthday Cake Book, my newest cookbook, has hit the shelves and I wanted to give you a bigger peak. There are birthdays every day of the year and with my recipes you will be prepared for whatever kind of birthday is at hand. The book is roughly divided into two sections. The Basics section is where you can find cakes and frostings to mix and match to your heart's content, while the bulk of the book features complete cake recipes and ideas for you to bake for your next birthday celebration. You will find kid-friendly cakes, sophisticated cakes, a Teeny Tiny cake for small parties  as well as a super-easy Beginner Baker's Birthday Cake for those of you who think you are baking challenged. I promise that even if you have never baked before, you Can make a birthday cake! It is a moist yellow cake with a dark chocolate frosting and all you need are a few bowls, a wooden spoon and maybe a rubber spatula.

Here is my ice cream cake featuring a very inexpensive vintage toy train that I found on-line. 
There are resources in the book for
the typical cake decorating supplies but I have also included resources for candles and tiny toys and items that will elevate your cake from just a pretty cake on a plate to an unforgettable Birthday Cake. The flavors combine vanilla, coffee and chocolate, but the recipe also shows you how to customize it so you can use your favorite ice cream flavors.

Below is a pictures of my take on the typical rectangular supermarket cake, embellished with roses. Why not make your own? You can use the best ingredients, the cake will taste much better, and you can put as many roses on that cake as you like! (You know how all the kids at the party want a rose!)

To the left is a cake I call Pretty in Pink. It is a delicate White Cake (found in the Basics section) with the addition of fresh raspberries in the batter and frosting.

This Basket of Flowers cake below features a basketweave design that some people find easier than creating a smooth surface. Try it! It is an espresso flavor as I thought the beige/brown color was most reminiscent of a real basket.The photos were taken by Melissa Punch and 
you can see more of her work 

Here you can see my segment from the TODAY SHOW. Check out the caterpillar cake. It is very easy to make and perfect for a school-day party. 

As always, I love seeing pictures of YOUR birthday cakes. Send them along!

And....Happy Birthday to YOU, whenever it is.

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RosaV said...

Hello Dede, I am wondering if you would share the recipe por the essencia brushed cake. Is this a simple syrup? Is the batter a basic butter cake? I got a bottle of Essencia for my Birthday and I would like to use on a cake.
Thanks, I love your blog