Friday, January 8, 2010

My Favorite Tea Timer

OK I know this might sound esoteric...a timer just for tea? Yes! If you are a tea fanatic as I am, you know that brewing it at home allows for the most stringent control of your brewing techniques, yielding the best cup.

This fabulous timer allows you to time for Minutes as well as Seconds and the set-up is very intuitive. As you can see there is also a holder for a thermometer. This one has ranges on the dial, color coded, for different kinds of tea. The green tea ranges are indicated in a green color! How smart. Many green teas need water in the 140 degree F range; you will never again use water that is too hot. FYI the thermometer goes from 100 to 220 degrees.

You can find my favorite timer on-line from the company, WMF. Take a good look at the image above. It is sleek and attractive. This is form and function in one - something I find hard to resist. This is a perfect gift for the tea lover, or treat yourself. You will be brewing the best tea of your life in the press of a button.

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