Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fun with Oscar

Ok Ok I know this is long overdue but HSN snuck up on me (see last blog entry). I've been meaning to post pics of the Oscar party I attended as it was incredibly creative and fun. My cousin worked in the industry for years and while he and his family live on the east coast now, the Oscars are still of keen interest and not to be missed. But why not make the night fun and food centered? For the second year in a row, my cousins Larry Jackson and Judith Williams, have prepared a feast where each dish is either from a nominated movie or representative of it in some way, shape or form.

The Fried Chicken from Precious had NOTHING on my cousin's version. Amazing. Juicy and super crunchy from panko crumbs.

We had Truffled Popcorn as an ode to Julia Child from Julie & Julia

Bad's Biscuits were buttery and flaky

Airplane snacks and green "alien" looking food stood in for Up in the Air and Avatar

District 9 had cat food, which we did not eat

For dessert we had a couple of options. First, a delectable ice cream bombe that looked like a bomb! An homage to The Hurt Locker

We had some "balloon" sugar cookies to represent Up:

And then we had some surreal green meringue cookies that seemed reminiscent of those roundish floaty objects in Avatar. The baker even looked up how to describe and name the dish in Navi!