Saturday, December 17, 2011

There is One Cookbook that says "Christmas" to Me

Full disclosure....I own about 2000 cookbooks. I say "about" because I lost count years ago. They are in book cases, stacked properly as well as horizontally. Basically I have to use every available space to squeeze them in. And I keep collecting; iIt is a compulsion. Scratch that. For me they are well thought out research tools...right?

Some never really get used, while others get used a lot and then there are those that signify certain times of my life. Such is the case with Mimi Sheraton's Visions of Sugarplums.

My Mom had this book and while it has no color photos, I was drawn into it as a child. Even just the titles had me dreaming of things I could bring to life in the kitchen: Victorian Coconut Gingersnaps; Swedish Saffron Buns; Chocolate Chestnut Fritters; Boule de Neige; Colonial Virginia Frozen Plum Pudding; Dublin Fruit Cake....and ones with funny names that still appeal as an adult: Bellylaps; Belsnickles; Fire Tong Bowl and dozens more.

There are chapters on yeast breads, cakes, pies, tarts, fritters, crullers, candies and drinks from all over the world - including a gingerbread house.

It is a fabulous book for those who think they have every baking book they need....they need this too. A great gift.

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