Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Here is my second installment of The Baking Buddy. Keep sending your questions! If you are wondering about something, most likely other bakers are too.

Question: I notice in your recipes you often call for nonstick spray. Is there a brand you prefer? Can I use the specialized ones that contain a grease and flour, all-in-one?

Answer: When I call for nonstick spray I am referring to the products like Pam – in the original formulas. Sometimes nowadays they will say something like “made with Canola oil” and that is fine. Just make sure they are the “plain” ones. I do not like the butter flavored ones or the olive oil ones, and of course, we do not want o use ones that are flavored with garlic! As far as the other sprays you referenced, I am assuming you are talking about products like Baker’s Joy. While many bakers seem to like these products, I do not. I think they leave an odd, gummy, floury residue on my cakes that negatively affect their fine texture. If I am very concerned with sticking, you will see that in my recipes I will call for coating the pan with nonstick spray and adding a layer of parchment on the bottom of the pan. If I call for this, it is because it is necessary for your cake to unmold flawlessly. Or, occasionally I do coat a pan with flour. Just make sure to knock out any excess. There is one breakfast cake in my new book where I coat the pan in coarse sugar. It makes a sweet, crunchy crust.

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