Monday, October 5, 2009

Book Party at Magnolia Bakery

The evening of my Baking and Blogging event (see below), we continued the festivities with a Book Party. Magnolia Bakery on Columbus has a private party space that was just right for our group. Above is a pic of the entrance; we were setting up for the party. Just like the morning event, this was made possible by Driscoll's. Here is a pic of me with Marc Cervantes, a berry grower, and Kim Kulchycki, the Marketing Manager.
Below is a pic of me and my gorgeous daughter, Ravenna. She and her boyfriend, Alvin Blanco, own Shellco, a wholesale bakery that provides bakery products to many high end caterers, hotels and stores in NYC such as Dean & Deluca and the W Hotels.

Here are two pics of our dessert table. The strawberry and blueberry tartlets are bite-sized versions of full sized tarts in the book. The small square cups hold a champagne-cassis mousse that is made in a ring mold in the book...I wanted to make it easy for party-goers to sample them all!
There are also Pistachio Butterballs on the raised pedestal dish and the square cookies to the right are one-bite version of the hazelnut linzer cookies filled with Nutella - all from the book, Unforgettable Desserts (Wiley, 2009), of course.

Champagne and sparkling water flowed for the guests. The pics, once again, were taken by our photog, Peter Doyle.
Here below are my girls! Left to right my daughter Ravenna, me, and then Frederika Brookfield and Katie Levine, both my PR gals and right-hand women from Bon Appetit magazine.

Here are some close-ups of the desserts:
David Leite came when the party was in full-swing. I recently made his olive oil cake, and it was divine.
More pics of the about an aerial view?
Indulging in one more....And last but not least, the folks that made this happen. Below right is Laura Baddish of The Baddish Group. I have been working with Laura for over 1o years and I love her like family

Then here below left is my editor Justin Schwartz. He gave me my first book deal with my The Wedding Cake Book, which is still in print, and this is our 3rd book together....XOXO Justin! That's his pretty GF Jen.

Email me when y'all bake from the book. I would love to hear about your baking adventures and pics are a plus! I'll put them up on the blog.



Justin said...

great pics... i love that one of us with jen

David Leite said...

Great event, great food, and great photos. (Well, the one of me I can live without.) Dede, best of luck on the book. We are very happy to be posting it soon on Leite's Culinaria.