Monday, November 28, 2011

A Baker's Field Guide Series Now in Paperback

I am thrilled to present my entire Baker's Field Guide series in a lower-priced paperback, just in time for the holidays. At $14.95 each they are more accessible than ever with all the same content inside. Perfect for gift giving or for stocking up for year-round gifts. And it is on sale now for an even lower price! Check out A Baker's Field Guide to Christmas Cookies - we are coming up on Xmas cookie season and the book offers you recipes from around the world.

Now, two teases for you....I know I have been mumbling about a new, but I promise you, we are within reach of a launch. Check back here over the week for a notice. I want it to be in really good shape for you when I let it go live. So far there are over 155 pages of fabulous content for you to peruse. You are going to love it! Recipes, Videos, Tips & Tricks, What's Hot...all kinds of helpful links.

Tease #2.....there is another Baker's Field Guide in the works. You will have to wait a bit for that one, but look for that announcement soon, too. Hint: think round, stuffed, topped, glazed, sprinkled and sugar-rolled.

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Blinkins said...

I love the layout and variety of the Christmas Cookie Field Guide - really a great seasonal resource, however, as a Canadian to the core I have to point out one recipe that may be confusing to some. The recipe for Nanaimo Bars (pg 104-105)- the picture and recipe are really for Hello Dollies/Magic Bars (from the Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk company)- not Nanaimo Bars and they are not considered interchangable as the recipe indicates. If you google Nanaimo Bar you'll readily see the difference (like most baked goods, there are denfinite overlaps in ingredients but the end result is quite different.